#Pink Salt Campaign Pakistan- Khewra Salt Mine, The oldest & the largest mine in the world

Khewra Salt Mine # Pink Salt Campaign Pakistan Video HD #FNCTV

Pink Salt Campaign, #Pink Salt Campaign, is a popular trend on Social Media These days in Pakistan. People are talking in the town; ”Pink Salt or Himalayan Salt is an assert Pakistan has, and it should be utilized properly” .

The motive behind this campaign seems true. Pakistan owns, the oldest and second largest salt mine in the world; The Khewra Salt Mine located in Jhelum District of Punjab Province in Pakistan. With annual production capacity of 0.35 Million Ton, The mine has a total reserve capacity of 82-600 Million Ton; A great reserve any country can proud to have it.

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The discovery of Pink Himalayan Salt is credited to the troops of Alexandar, The great. Historians narrate that the horses of the Alexandra Army first tasted it and discovered for the rest of world.

Alexander The Great # Discovery of Pink Salt #FNCTV

Khewra Salt Mine is a great tourist attraction. More than 300 thousand visitors come to see the place every year. Most of them, may be unaware of the fact, that they are walking through the oldest salt mine in the world.

Khewra Salt Mine- The oldest in the world #FNCTV

” Pink Salt Campaign”, # Pink Salt Pakistan has a reason to become popular on social media. When We have it, why dont we expand the export market with better price reward!! Pakistan has the oldest and the second largest reserves of Himalayan Pink Salt; this is one thing what we have in abundance.

# Pink Salt Campaign Pakistan #FNCTV

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