Christmas Facts- History & Tradition

1-Christmas is believed to be the birthday of Jesus, by billions of believers around the World.

2- The day is celebrated on December 25, and is the National Holiday in Christian majority countries of the world.

3-The exact Birthday of Jesus is not clearly recorded by the historians & theologists , but both agree on the fact that it was 14th century Roman Catholic Church which fixed the date on 25 December.

4- “Christ’s mass” is Greek word for a Hebrew meaning ” Masiha” or Messiah, functionally meaning” when the Jesus was showered & oiled.

5- The event or day might have some evidences of prehistoric & post historic worlds, but it was only 17th & 18th centuries England which helped to shape the modern day Christmas.

6- In 1631, the Anglican poet, John Milton wrote the ” on the Morning of Christ’s nativity”, the poem is read by many during Christmastide.

7- In early 17th century, Christmas was banned on charges of over drinking & misbehavior. later on, it was restored in 1660 , but only after great restoration works by John Milton .

8- Charles Dickens’s ” A Christmas Carol” in 1843, also helped to shape this event in mid 19th century Europe. It was actually Charles Dickens who promoted Christmas as an event of family, love, givings, worships & long vacations.

9- The first commercial Christmas card was made by sir Henry Cole in 1843. The card became a prototype; rather a custom in years to follow in England & Europe.

10- The ” Christmas Tree” was introduced in early 19th century England. Now it is an important part of modern day Christmas.

11- In America, Washington Irving & Clement Clarke Moore helped to popularized the concept of Christmas in early 19th century. Irving’s inspiration was directly extracted by his stay in England. Clarke Moore helped to popularize the culture of Gift Giving.

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