Cemetery Patterns- Cemetery Art & design/ FNCTV

Ancient Cemetery Designs- Gandhara Art/ FNCTV All Rights Reserved

Cemetery Patterns- A blend of more than one civilizations

These grave styles were recorded in an ancient town of Karsal in Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan.

Cemetery Designs- Ancient Gravestones in Pakistan/ FNCTV

It is now a Muslim Cemetery, but grave stones & styles reflect some ancient religious & cultural symbols. It seems that the people of this village still live a traditional way of life, a way of life inherited by Ancient Indus Valley civilization & Gandhara Art & Culture.

Cemetery Design- Gandhara Art/ FNCTV

Unlike Muslim grave designs, this cemetery incorporates the ancient Gandhara Style with Roman Christian grave stone style.

Ancient Cemetery in Pakistan/ FNCTV All Rights Reserved

The Cemetery also reflects some ancient symbols like Shiv Linga; if not may be made with the belief, but it is there in the culture.

Shiv Linga- Ancient Cemetery Design/ FNCTV

No matter what is the religious nomenclature & context, the ancient traditions keep on reflecting in native life style; a little away from Urban Sociology of our time.

Ancient Cemetery Taxila/ FNCTV / Pakistan








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