Biography of the Melody Queen-Malka e Tarranum Madam Noor Jehan| Pakistani Music & Movies

Biography of the Melody Queen-Malka e Tarranum Madam Noor Jehan|FNCTV

Noor Jahan -The Melody Queen

A Biographical Documentary in English/Urdu

Noor Jahan is an all time great Cinema Celebrity of South Asia. Before partition, she was the singing Super Star of United Indian Cinema. After making of Pakistan, she turned out to be a larger than life star of Pakistani screen. She was an actress who worked in 40 films & sang more than 20,000 songs & Ghazals in Urdu & Punjabi languages. She had a career span of 6 decades; still continues even 2 decades after her death. “No one was born, the day Allah Wasai, Noor Jahan was born”, as the famous phrase goes on.

Noor Jahan- The Melody Queen of South Asia/FNCTV

Malka Tarranum was born Allah Wasai, on September 21, 1926, in a Kasoori Family of Touring Artists. At 6, she could easily sing difficult Khayals & songs of prominent singers, as she had started performing already on stage & in live concerts. At the age of 9, she was discovered by G A Chishti, a prominent Pakistani composer. Chishti recorded a complete Album of her including some Naats & Ghazals.

Baby Noor Jehan

9 year old Noor Jahan moved with the entire family to Calcutta for better future. It was the time when Noor Jahan, as a baby, started idolizing Mukhtar Begum, A singer and a lifestyle diva. In 1935, Noor Jehan debuted with K D Mehra Pindi Di Kuri, where she along with her sisters, sang and performed on a song titled ” Langh aa ja pattan Chana’n da”.

Pind Di Kuri- 1935/ K D Mehra Noor Jehan

At 10th year, Baby Noor Jahan was taken into the mentor ship of Master Ghulam Haider, A music genius who taught both Lata Ji & Madam Noor Jahan, the art of singing on recording mic. in 1939, Ghulam Haider composed a song for 1939 film Gul Bakaooli. “Shala Jawania Maney” became an instant hit & made Baby Noor Jahan a star.

baby Noor Jahan- Pakistani Cinema archives/FNCTV

The Singing Super star of Indian Cinema

in 1942, Noor Jahan did her first full star movie against Paran under the title of Khandan. In next 5 years till 1947, She appeared in Box Office hits like Khandan, Badi Maa, Zeenat & Jugnoo and became the first female Singing Super Star of United Indian Cinema.

Noor Jahan- The First Singing Super star of Indian Cinema/FNCTV

Rise in a new Pakistani Cinema

Chan Vey 1951- Debut of Noor Jehan in Pakistani Cinema/FNCTV

Noor Jahan made her first Pakistani cinema appearance through 1951 film Chan Ve. The music of the movie went hit & became the part of golden archives. The film was also the Directorial Debut of a female, none other than the melody queen herself.

Chandni Raten Film Dopatta 1952 /FNCTV

1952 Film Dopatta actually made Noor Jahan, The Super star of Pakistan.

The film proved to be a block buster; especially the song “Chandni Raaten”, written & composed by Musheer Kazmi. From 1951-to 1961, Noor Jahan sang & acted in films like Intezar, Koel, Dopatta, Patey Khan, Nooran & Anarkali. All the films went successful, but the combination of Noor Jahan & Khawaja Khursheed Anwar was even more than that.

Noor Jahan Khawaja Khursheed Anwar/ Pakistani Music

Mirza Ghalib was her last released film as an actress in 1961-62. She had left the acting for good, but The Singer Noor Jahan was still to rule the trade for next 4 decades.

The Ghazal & Poem Singer

In 1961-62, She composed & sang Faiz Ahmad Faiz Poem, ” Mugh Se Pehli Si”. The poem went viral, as said these days & made Faiz a publicly popular poet. Faiz Sahb used to say the poem actually belonged to Noor Jahan.

Faiz Ahmad Faiz Poem Mugh se pehli si by Noor Jahan/FNCTV

National Songs

In perspective of 1965 Pak India war, Noor Jahan emerged as a National icon who sung motivating songs like Ae watan ke sajeelay, Ae Putter Hatan te nae wikdey & Mereiya Dhol sipahia. The super star proved herself a National Hero at the time of need.

Noor Jahan- The Melody Queen/FNCTV

The Style Icon

Noor Jahan was given Pride of Performance in 1965. She was not only a showbiz persona, but also a lifestyle diva & icon. The way she acted in movies was inspiration to the actors. A whole lot of singers was inspired by the way she sang. She was also a fashion inspiration for many & left her influence on the contemporary life style. Noor jahan was actually a light to to the lime light, a candle still burning bright.

Noor Jahan Pakistani Singer Biography/FNCTV

Last years & Death

Noor Jahan won countless awards including prestigious Nigar Awards. She won the applauds of Billions. Stars arrived & left the arena, but Noor Jahan stayed there for six long decades. She sang the day she was born to the day she died. What a career & what a stardom she had. Allah Wasai, like her name, was literally a God gifted & God Established soul on earth. In Mid 1980’s, she was diagnosed heart problem, but she kept on working till last breath. Noor Jahan departed of a heart attack on December 23, 2000. May her soul rest in peace & his work keep on inspiring the next generations.


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