Partridge Hunting in Pakistan-Thal Desert Bhakkar District Punjab Pakistan

Partridge Hunting in Pakistan- Thal Desert Bhakkar District #FNCTV

Partridge Facts

Partridge Hunting #FNCTV

1- Partridges are medium sized, non migratory birds of the Old World.

2-Partridges are placed between larger pheasants & smaller quails.

3-Partridges are found both on agricultural lands & forests.

4- Partridges are native to Asia, Europe, Africa & the middle east.

5- Grey Partridge & Red- Legged species are hunters favorite.

Partridge Hunting Call #FNCTV

Hunting Facts

1- Partridge is a very strict monogamous bird. They are highly possessive males with reference to their females. They feel strong jealousy or rivalry whenever find some other male in the area. The hunters use the same weakness to exploit in hunting. They play ” The Call”, in the voice of other males, and push the partridge to a battles field. It comes out of the bush & gets killed in rivalry.

2- The Hunting span generally starts at the start of pre autumn season. In Pakistan, Partridge hunting legally starts in the first week of September. The agricultural lands of Punjab & Sindh are prevalent in Partridge habitat.

3- Partridge hunting was generally played with the trained dogs; but well before the advent of modern hunting guns. Now guns play and dogs are just a pick up help.

Partridge Hunting in Pakistan #FNCTV

Talha Saeed invited all of us for a hunt expedition. The desert welcomed us with a rainy note, though a harsh weather from hunter’s perspective. At the end of the day, five hunts in the hand were better than fifty in the bush. Great expedition, a healthy off roading; and off course a great get together of old friends like Sajid Bhai, Imran Raza, Talha Saeed, Farrukh Nawaz & myself Abid Raza.


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