Pop Pop Boat- An Evergreen Classic Toy of Children Around the World

Children Toys have a story of evolution. From Basic toys to the electronic ones, they have evolved like other human developments; but there are certain classic toys which will never lose their charm, in children eyes around the world. Pop Pop Toy boat is one such timeless toy;

Pop Pop Boat- A Classic Toy of Children Video HD #FNCTV

Pop Pop Boat or candle boat is a classical toy of the children around the world. It is a toy made with tin plate, based on simple steam engine technique, powered by a candle or vegetable oil burner.

Pop Pop Boat- Candle powered boat #FNCTV

The toy is called by many names like Pop Pop, Puff Puff, Phut Phut, derived from the sound toy creates. French man, Thomas Piot is credited to be the creator of toy who invented it and got it patent in 1891.

Puf Puf Boat Toy Review #FNCTV

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