” Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”- Expo 2020

Expo 2020 Dubai- Top 10 Facts

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE- Info Blog / FNCTV

Starting Date:

1- Expo 2020 is an international World Expo , hosted by Dubai in the UAE( United Arab Emirates), opening on October 20, 2020.

Main Site & venue:

Expo 2020 site- Dubai UAE / FNCTV

2- The main site is a 1083 Hectare area, located between the cities of Dubai & Abu Dhabi, near Dubai’s Southern border.


Expo 2020 Dubai UAE Motto / FNCTV

3- ” Connecting Minds, Creating the future.

Ticket Price:

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE- Ticket Price / FNCTV

4- Normal 1- Day ticket is worth AED 120, while the 3-Day package is worth AED 260. 50% discount is announced for students & youth ranging from 6-17. Kids, up to 5, and senior citizens of 65 & above,are given free access. Disabled will have free entry while the care givers pay the half price.

First in MENA & SA:

5- The Expo 2020 is the first ever World Expo, to be held in Middle East, North Africa & South Asia Region.

Israeli Passport Holders are allowed:

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE- Israeli Passport is allowed / FNCTV

6- In Nov, 2019, UAE Government permitted Israeli Passport holders to enter the country during Expo 2020.

Colorful Expo Coaches:

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE- Expo Coaches & pickup points / FNCTV

7- The Expo organizers have invited UAE residents to visit the site. Tourists & visitors would board colorful, branded coaches at various pickup-points across UAE. The journey will include the visits of Expo sites & architecture with refreshments & entertainment.

Emergency Health Care:

Expo 2020 Dubai- Emergency Health care services / FNCTV

8-The on-site emergency center will provide the services of Isolation Room, Emergency Care Room, Ambulances & helicopter services.


9- 135 nations have announced their participation in Expo 2020

GDP Growth & happiness index:

Expo 2020 Dubai UAE / FNCTV

10- According to IMF, the Expo will help to rise in GDP growth. The agenda of happiness will also help to raise the level of citizen’s happiness & overall quality of life.

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