Waheed Murad (1938- 1983)- A larger than life Hero of Pakistani Cinema

Pakistani Actor Waheed Murad Biography #FNCTV

Waheed Murad was a larger than life star of Pakistani Cinema

Waheed Murad was a larger than life star of Pakistani Cinema during the golden era of 1960’s & 1970’s. Popularly known as the Chocolatey Waheed Murad, The star entered the trade as producer. He made his debut cameo appearance in 1959 film Saathi.

Waheed Murad Debut Film Saathi 1959 #FNCTV

He played a supporting role in his home production Aulad in 1962. His debut as solo hero was film Heera Aur Pathar, released in 1964.

Heera Aur Pathar 1964- Waheed Murad Debut As hero #FNCTV

In 1966, Film Armaan was released which turned the tables on box office for Waheed Murad. The film is considered as one of the biggest blockbuster of all times, and earned a mega star status for waheed Murad.

Armaan 1966- Blockbuster movie of Waheed Murad #FNCTV

Waheed worked in 124 films and holds the record of having the most golden & silver jubilee films. He died in 1983 @ the age of 45. His last release was Film Hero, which released after a year of his death.

The Chocolatey Waheed Murad /FNCTV

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