The Royal Lahore Fort- Shahi Qila Lahore| Mughal Monuments in Pakistan| FNCTV

Lahore Fort- Shahi Qila Lahore video HD / FNCTV

The Lahore Fort, or generally called Shahi Qila, is a Mughal era monument located in the Lahore City of Punjab Province in Pakistan.

The Royal Lahore Fort-UNESCO’s World Heritage site / FNCTV

Situated at the Northern end of Walled City Lahore, the fort spreads over an area of 20 hectares. The fort enclosure contains more than 21 notable monuments of Mughal Empire. Being a 17th century construction, the fort was founded by Akbar & finished by Shah Jehan.

Shahi Qila- The Royal Fort Lahore/ FNCTV

After the fall of Mughal Empire, the fort was used as a residence of Raja Ranjit Singh. After Ranjit, the building went into the custody of British Raj.

Lahore Fort-shahi Qila rare picture/ FNCTV

After partition of Pakistan, the building was given the status of national archive & became a prominent tourist point of the country. In 1981, the building was declared as the ” World Heritage Site” by UNESCO.

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