Minar-e-Pakistan- The National Monument of Pakistan| Interesting Facts

Minar e Pakistan drone Video HD/ FNCTV

Minar E Pakistan Top 10 facts

Minar e Pakistan- The National Monument of Pakistan/ FNCTV

1- Minar e Pakistan is a national monument of Pakistan.

2- The tower was built between 1960-68.

3- The monument was built where All India Muslim League passed the Lahore Resolution on March 23, 1940.

4- The design of this Minar was created & supervised by Nasser Uddin Murat Khan, A Russian born Pakistani Civil engineer.

5- The foundation stone was laid on 23 March 1960 & Minar was completed on 21 October 1968.

Minar e Pakistan- The National Monument of Pakistan/ FNCTV

6- It was built at an estimated cost of Rs: 7,058,000.

7- Standing on 8 meter base, the tower rises up to 62 meters, giving a total rise of 70 meter above the ground.

8- The tower base is shaped like a flower in blossom.

9-Minar e Pakistan is now part of greater Iqbal Park where Badshai mosque, Lahore Fort and Iqbal’s shrine accompany minar in the process of history.

10- The 4 platforms of the base narrate the brief national history of Pakistan with quotations of Quaid & sayings of Iqbal.

Minar Pakistan base design / FNCTV

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