Kids cooking with mini toys- Pakistani Daal Recipe

Lets help kids to celebrate the love for food. My kids wanted to cook in the terracotta pots, they recently shopped from their native town, Jhang. Their love for food and traditional pots encouraged me to record these precious moments.

Kids Cooking with mini toys #FNCTV

9 Year old Zarnigar Zahra & her 5 year old brother Hadi Ibrahim cook together. Both love to cook, but this time it is Zari’s turn. The boy is sitting and enjoying with his elder sister.

Mini Toy Cooking for Kids #FNCTV

Sister is the host Chef & brother is the guest participant.

Kids cooking with Terracotta Toys #FNCTV

The dish is traditional Handi Daal.

Moong Masoor ki daal is a traditional Pakistani & Punjabi recipe of almost everyday use. Cooking in terracotta pots gives this dish a unique flavor & taste. It is simply made with two Daals, basic spices like salt & Red Chillie, and a simple tadka of ghee with garlic at the end.

Pakistani Daal Recipe- Kids Cooking #FNCTV


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