The King of Humor| Munnawar Zareef Biography & Best scene compilation

Munnawar Zareef 1940-1976

Munnawar Zareef is an all time great comedy hero of South Asia. He was the first comedian to achieve the status of a full hero.

Munnawar Zareef 1940-1976

Munnawar was the younger brother of elder Zareef, who already was a famous comedian in cinema. Munnawar Zareef started his career with a 1961 film Dandian. He got break through a 1964 film Hath Jodi. By late 1960,s, Munnawar got the status of a full hero, instead of remaining just a comic side kick.

Munnawar Zareef- The King of humor /FNCTV

He paired with Rangeela to give many box office hits like Rangeela, Pardey mein Rehnay du and Rangeela aur Munnawar Zareef. Over a career span of 15 year, The king of Humor worked in around 300 films, some of which are like ;Naukar Vohti Da, Rangeela aur Munnawar Zareef, Rangeela, Jeera Blade & Banarsi Thag.

Munnawar Zareef- Naukar Vohti Da 1974 / FNCTV

Munnawar was a complete entertainment. He was a singer, a dancer & an actor at the same time. He was famous for his scene improvisation & could out play any actor in front of him. Munnawar was natural & spontaneous with great screen presence.

Munnawar Zareef- Pakistani Comedian /FNCTV

Munnawar Zareef died on April 29, 1976 due to a heart attach. He was too young to die @36. Munnawar Zareef left behind a legacy, a legacy of good humor.


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