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Nagar Valley

Nagar Valley Autumn 2019- Gilgit Baltistan

Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan

Flowers Nagar Valley- Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan /FNCTV

Nagar Valley, also called Nagar Khas, is the largest town of Nagar district, situated at the bank of Nagar River. Former capital of pricely state Nagar, the region has a rich history & tradition.

Nagar Valley Karakoram Highway Pakistan- Gilgit Baltistan / FNCTV

Today the famous Karakoram Highway, also called KKH, passes through Nagar to connect Pakistan with China @ Khunjrab Pass. Nagar Valley is situated at an elevation of 2,438m (7,999 feet), and is surrounded by highest mountain peaks like Raka Poshi.

Nagar Khas/ Nagar District Gilgit Baltistan Pakistan / FNCTV reserved

Nagar is a rich valley based on natural lifestyle. The region is rich in fruit production like apples, grapes, apricot and almost all mountain fruits.A very beautiful valley, indeed, to visit in especially spring season. The video was recorded in Autumn though.

Autumn in Nagar Valley- Gilgit Baltistan / FNCTV reserved


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