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Top 50 facts of Canada #FNCTV

1- Canada is located in Northern side of North america.

Canada is in North of North America #FNCTV

2- Canada’s 10 Provinces & 3 territories extend from Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean, and Northward to the Arctic Ocean.

3- Canada’s three sides are covered with oceans, except its Southern Border with USA. A Stretch of 8891 Kilometers makes it the World’s Longest Bi- national land border.

Canada Geography & Landscape #FNCTV

4- With an area of 9.9 Million Square Kilometers, Canada is the World’s second largest country by land area.

5- Canada’s capital is Ottawa. 3 important urban centers are Toronto, Montreal & Vancouver.

Top Facts of Canada #FNCTV

6-According to 2019 census, Canada’s Population is
37,412,852 (.37 Million).

7-80 Per Cent population of Canada is highly urbanized, living in big cities or in around 100 Km away from urban centers.

8-Canadian weather in North is extremely low and cold, the Southern Canada has all the four seasons.

9-Canada has 16th highest per ca-pita income in the world.


10-Being a developed country, Canada is @ 12th number in global human index.

11- Canada’s economy is 10th largest in the world.

12- Canada is a parliamentary democracy, lead by a Prime Minister, and a constitutional monarchy with Elizabeth 2 as Queen.

Queen Elizabeth 2 #FNCTV

13-Also part of Common Wealth, Canada is officially bilingual, English & French are both considered official languages.

14-In Government transparency measurements , Canada is ranked in highest cadres.

15- Canada’s First Nations are Inuit and Metis, a third mixed blood race has emerged due to Canada’s open Immigration Policy.

Canada’s First Nations are Inuts & Metis #FNCTV

16- Canada owns world’s largest proportion of fresh water lakes.

17- Canada is a home to the world’s north most settlement.

18- Canada has the longest coastline in the world. It’s total length is 243,042 Kilometers.

Canada has the longest coastline in the world #FNCTV

19- Canada’s Border with US is the world’s longest land border stretching 8891 KM.

20- Canada is active, geologically, in Earthquakes and potentially active volcanoes.

Active Volcanoes in Canada #FNCTV

21- North Canadian weather is harsh & and can go below even -15 Degree C. Snow is found here for more than 6 months.

22- Southern Canadian summers can reach up to 30 Degree, feeling is may be of 40 Degree C.

23- Canada is World’s 10th largest economy as of 2018, with a GDP of approx US$1.73 Trillion.

24- In only 2015, Canada spent US $ 31.6 Billion on scientific research & development.

25- As of 2015, Canada has produced 13 Nobel Laureates in Physics, Chemistry, Medicine & Literature.

Canadian Nobel Laureates #FNCTV

26- Canada has, one of the highest levels of Internet access with over 33 Million users.

27- Canada encourages immigration, the rate is highest per ca-pita in the world.

28- According to OECD,s Report of 2012, Canada is one of the most educated country in the world.

29- Canada is a Multi-Ethnic country, with almost all the races & ethnicity of the world.

Canada People #FNCTV

30- Canada is religiously open and liberal country based on the concept of welfare state.

31- Canada is a multi- lingual country; with French & English as official, it also has the mainstream appeal of Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Chinese & Punjabi.

32- Canada is a ” Just Society” Culture with almost all the ethnicity of the world. It is multi colored and multi shaded.

33- Canada is a rich nation in Arts & Culture. The Canadian music industry is 6th largest in the world. Canada has also produced laureates in literature.

Canadian Music Artists #FNCTV

34- 9 out of 10 Canadians live in the US- Canada border region.

35- Polar Bear & Maple leaf are two important signs of Canadian Culture.

Polar Bear & Maple Leaf are important signs of Canada #FNCTV

36- Canada is a population of 37 Million people with average life expectancy of 81 years.

37- Literacy rate in Canada is almost 99%, so all Canadians can read & write.

38- Hockey, Ice Hockey, Golf & Soccer are favorite sports of Canadian people.

Sports & Games in Canada #FNCTV

39- Canada has second largest oil reserves after Saudi Arabia.

40- Macaroni & Cheese are favorite foods of Canada, both are consumed here more than any country in the world.

41- Prostitution is legal in Canada, but buying the services of a prostitute is illegal.

42- License plates in North West region are shaped like Polar Bears.

Polar Bear License Plates in Canada #FNCTV

43- Almost 1 Million letters are sent to Santa Clause from Canada, on his North Pole address, on Christmas every year.

44- Doughnuts are liked so much that Canada has most Doughnut shops per Ca-pita, more than any country in the world.

45- Beaver found in North region is the National Animal of Canada.

Beaver- The National Animal of Canada #FNCTV

46- Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau was a night club bouncer and snowboard instructor, before becoming the PM of the country.

Canadian PM, Justin Trudeau #FNCTV

47- Canadian Culture has a polite view about the everyday life apologies. It was so frequent that Govt had to pass an Apology Act in 2009 to stop people from saying too much sorry s to each other.

Apology Act 2009 in Canada #FNCTV

48- Canada’s lowest recorded temperature is as cold as planet Mars, it was -63 recorded in 1947.

49- Canada is rich & thick in forestation. Canada has 10 per cent of the world’s forests.

50- Canada is rich in agriculture and land resources.

Top 50 Facts of Canada #FNCTV


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