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FNCTV is an ever expanding social media network with a channel on YouTube. The channel broadcasts food and culture content in more than 10 playlists. Our productions include short documentry, Food Shows, Travel Logs, VLogs etc.



The social media on Facebook includes an official page and an ever growing FB Group. The page broadcasts Food n Culture content for the community, While the group provides the audience an oppertunity to feedback and post their contents.

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Sharing, what we know, is an amazing experience. The section includes blogs on subjects like history, culture, entertainment, fashion & beauty, sports, news and current affairs.

Lets Travel, Travel to taste the heritage food, To see the colors of culture, To hear the tunes of folks, To know the people of past, Lets travel to find.


The Company
Showcasing Food & Culture for YOU

FNCTV is a platform for multiple content of Food & Culture. The Channel srerves an audience interested in food, culture, histroy, travel & tourism, and entertainment content. We develop short films, documentaries, cooking shows, and music videos capturing the beauty of food & culture. We are a team of professionals in media with a passion for Food & Culture.

  • Developing drafts and creative writings

  • Videos, Shows, Jingles, Music Videos, Short Documentary, Short Films, Travel Logs

  • Editing, Graphics, Color Grading, 2D & 3D Videos

  • Song writing, Compositions, Recording, Jingles, Voice overs


The People

Abid Raza

Abid Raza is a creative writer and concept developer with an experience of 15 years. His capacity includes lyrics writing, draft writing, creative writing, technical writing, and video directions.

Ashfaq Ahmad

Director Digital Media
Ashfaq Ahmad is a seasoned digital media expert with ample knowledge of search engine optimization in industry.

Rizzvan Zafar

Creative Director
A seasoned editor and animator, Rizzvan Zafar is man of lofty imagination in layouts and designs. With more then 15 years of professional experience, he is a great asset in all the departments of post production.

Sharoon Ilyas

Music Director
A young, educated, aspiring, and passionate individual with a great flavor for music. His skills includes composition and sound tracks.

Hassam Miraj

Director Photography
Hassam Miraj is an educated director of photography in current era known for his imaginative camera work.

Farrukh Nawaz

Director Admin
A thorough professional always aiming for excellence, Farrukh is the backbone of the company. Managing resources and events alike he is the most dynamic person in team.

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